Part of the exhibition MIX, Kunstschlager in D-hall, Reykjavík Art Museum

Installation with 3 chairs, 3 one way mirrors, black and white tile floor material, shapes on walls.

The installation is a kind of a stage researching reflection, shadow images and learned perception.

The floor creates the setting. On the floor the mirrors are standing in a zik zak position and the chairs are situated around the mirrors in a controlled way; every chair is mirrored exactly by the reflection of the chair opposite from it.

While walking around it the viewer comes to realize that everything is as it seems but while realizing the understanding of his misunderstanding, tries to find flaws in the plan and questions what he is actually seeing.

The chairs suggest that you are allowed to sit on them and then be a part of the installation. When only one person sits in it, it looks like he is a ghost as he can only see the silhouette of himself sitting on the opposite chairs. When two persons sit opposite each other it looks as if their two bodies merge into one, creating the very intimate experience of seeing yourself merge into another person.