Installation made in Zinkovy castle, Czech republic 2012.

6 drawings from the serie Possible space construction.

The drawings are two dimensional drawings/collages that are exploring possibly impossible spaces. They are of spaces that suggest that they are leading to somewhere when in actuality they are not. A play with wrong perspective and thus perception plays a big role in the drawings along with the struggle between nature and humans even though absent, is reflected in the human made architectural construction. I situated the drawings in a room within an old castle in Czech republic aligning the actual window of the castle so it seemed as the drawings were also windows with a view in different worlds.

The floor of the room was damaged so it was filled with plywood that had the shape of the floors in the drawings. And in the entrance I put sticker tape that had the image of bricks next to real bricks that were showing in the walls enhancing the difference between what is real and what is fake.